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Makeup Brushes - Common bristle hair material

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1.Animal hair:

Weasel hair:The best bristles,soft and flexible,you can use comforable and make the eye shadow balance.Recognizedby the lots of makeup artists.

Goat hair: The most common animal hair material, soft and durable, Meanwhile, there are 21 kinds of goat hair classification. There are several  Suitable for professional makeup brush . #0, water faded (now mention short peak), yellow spikes yellow spikes, white spikes, peaks in light, thin light peak.

Horsehair: softness, elasticity somewhat less .color by color into authentic, deep colors were black, which is relatively small black.

2.Synthetic hair: 

according to the head shape .Divided into sharpen fiber and not sharpened fiber. Sharpen fiber head shape thin and soft, synthetic hair is more elastic than the animal hair. And it is easy clean. Suitable for use in a thick cream color makeup.

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