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Different Types of Artist Paint Brushes

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Different Types of Artist Paint Brushes 


Natural Hair


The natural hair in natural hair brushes usually comes from Chinese hogs or from badgers. Natural hair paintbrushes work best with oil-based paints, although this means they need to be cleaned with paint thinner. You can also use brushes made from Chinese hog bristles with water-based paint, as they absorb the water.


Synthetic Hair


Synthetic hair means the bristles are made from polyester or nylon. They’re much rougher than natural hair paint brushes. They work best with water-based emulsion paints.


Flagged Bushes


Flagging on paint brushes means that the ends of the bristles have been split. These “flagged” brushes, also known as “exploded bristle” brushes, are used exclusively for latex paint work. Paint can be applied more smoothly, with fewer marks from the brush.


Sized Brushes


Paint brushes come in many different sizes. These can range from the tiny, used in fine art, to those several inches wide, used when painting a wall. Within the sizing there are specialist brushes. Sash brushes have the bristles cut to a point, or taper in a chisel-like shape to access corners.

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